I’m in the midst of a deep, dark hole about meshing point clouds using Meshlab, and automating all the processes through scripting. I am attempting to create a workflow that starts in Meshlab, uses a filter script and Meshlab Server to batch process the point clouds (.ply) into usable .obj’s, and then bring these obj’s into Unity, and animate using a package called Mega Cache, which takes in .obj sequences.

I’ve just discovered some material that seems to suggest that Unity can deal with point clouds using plugins, and I will pursue this next.

I’m meeting with the Panoptic Studio team tomorrow evening to talk through their data output and the workflow I’ve been investigating.

My highest priority right now is to achieve functional playback in animation form with meshes that maintain a relatively high level of fidelity to the original mesh. I’d like to display the point clouds as an animation, too, but have not figured this out yet. The content is exciting, but challenging to work with.