A place that has been on my mind semi-constantly for as long as I can remember is Dr. Seuss’ “Waiting Place” from Oh, the Places You’ll Go. I find it incredibly intriguing and terrifying, having seen so many people stuck in a much more real-life version of it.


I came up with a list of places where we are left waiting: bus stops, churches, hospitals, immigration centers, the DMV… Only one of them really stuck: Laundromats.

  1. Because of their eerie lighting and background noise
  2. Because it represents the epitome of “waiting” (boring, mundane activity, unable to leave and pursue something else, waste of time)
  3. Because of the population it is used by (waiting for a change? –> nobody prefers laundromats over owning their own washing machine)

As for the method, I was hoping to create a 3D model of the space using a Lidar Scanner, because I love the image quality it generates. Although I am still on the fence about it, because I would obviously lose the odd quality of light… I am also unsure of how the scanner responds to movement (which would be hard to prevent).