When I think of the places I go during a day, one doesn’t quite qualify as a place: “commute”. In my head it’s a single place, but it might better be categorized as the place between places.

For my project, I would like to create a single photo of my commute. This image would have to be very long, achieved through stitching software. I would use a GPS-connected intervalometer, to automatically take images while I travel x feet. and a rig to keep the camera at a consistent height  and direction while I travel; probably attached to a bicycle or simply a monopod strapped to my backpack. If the rig is successful, I would like to create a few of these images.

Long panoramas have been achieved before and are nothing particularly special. I want to make my panorama… longer than that. A single image as long as possible. The aspect ratio should be absurd.

I hope through a refined rig I can capture something unique and impressive, creating a single high quality stitched image that captures a scene for over a mile.

For delivery, I would like to print the image a few inches high, however many feet long, on a single strip of roll paper I would purchase.

The second idea I am playing with is going on a hike and using satellite-stitching techniques, and a microscope, to create an ultra-high resolution image of the boots after the hike; see what sorts of stories are hidden in the parts of places that get stuck to our shoes.