One thought on “geep-Event”

  1. Anonymous comments from the group critique, 4/13/2017:

    YES. Yes yes yes.

    That i dotted with a clenched anus

    Where is the prototype !
    I agree, you should have shown the circuitry you’re working on

    Please find a way to upload your presentation directly into the course website, rather than providing a link to an external site. A sequence of screencapture images would be fine. My concern is that you’ll take down this presentation someday, and then break this documentation page. (Golan)

    What are some ACHIEVEMENTS for your app?!

    I think you mean ‘unkempt’ and not ‘unkept’ (butthole) — a typo.

    Rose Gold +++++ to go with the the Rose Gold iPhone

    Reminds me of Sam Lavigne’s “oculus oedipus” presentation at weird reality

    Advertising is lucky to have you – expert deck



    JEEZ GEEP. This is great.

    Yes yes hacking sex industry

    This presentation is performance art. Would be cool if you had a REALLY REHEARSED startup pitch for this +++

    However funny the presentation is after the humor fades it feels like an empty jab. As performance art I don’t feel it is a meaningful statement, critique, or exploration of much beyond what people in our context/at our age/in our world find funny. It was funny though, and your presentation of it is probably the best you could have done without actually having a device in hand.

    ^ I disagree because of the queer critique of the sex industry and health industry
    ^ the critique of hetronomativity was not actually explored beyond just a mention of it —true ←- more a critique of the health / biometric “you are your data” app industry
    ^ I agree that it does lack the capture (for now) but so many projects here have had the capture with absolutely no concept. This is not irrecuperable, it is on its way. A visually interesting project with no concept is far worse

    You need to actually capture butt data. Do that, and this is becomes an absolutely legendary project, that is particularly ‘well-framed’ as a product through your speculative design provocation. But if you don’t make the real capture device, then this just isn’t fair to your peers in the class, and misses the main opportunity/objective of this course. +1

    I’m seeing a critique of competitive health culture. People are so inclined to one-up others that they will literally give their ass-clenching statistics to some tech company to be displayed on an online leaderboard

    “The pucker factor”
    > “maximize your pucker factor”
    Sphinct advertising: “What’s YOUR pucker factor?”

    Satire of tech, ‘look at me!’, self-aggrandizing culture encouraged by current social media conventions