I have a couple ideas bouncing around for my place project-

  1. Trick Drone Photogrammetry. There is a growing “sport” of first-person-view drone trick flying, and an enormous amount of motion sickness inducing videos of pilots flipping around doing crazy maneuvers in a number of environments. My brother Johnny FPV is one of these pilots- I have been grabbing clips from his videos and processing them through PhotoScanPro to make really terrible 3D renderings of the spaces he flies in. These could manifest as an explorable virtual environment, or I could prepare them for digital fabrication.
  2. CNC+USB Microscope. I’d attach the USB Microscope to a custom tool holder on the CNC router, and set a toolpath for the microscope to travel along. I’d capture images at intervals along this path, and stitch them into an ultra high resolution image of any surface that could be placed on the router bed. Possible interesting subjects for exploration: an ant farm? soil samples? tin tiles? the palm of a hand?
  3. Photogrammetry in color infrared with Kodak aerochrome. I am leaning away from this idea as there isn’t a lot of foliage on the trees yet, and I’d like to take advantage of the way the film stock renders chlorophyll as magenta.