*An inspiration: Tauba Aurbach’s RGB Colorspace Atlas

For the final project I would like to further investigate video as a volumetric form. I began this during the first project through my time remapped stereo videos, but would like to explore some other possibilities.

One workflow I am imagining would be:

  • Capture a scene with a specific subject, perhaps a person, in high-res video
  • Capture the same scene through photogrammetry or otherwise develop a watertight 3d model of the subject
  • Create a voxel representation of the video from the XYT domain
  • Intersect the 3D model of the subject with the voxels of the volumetric video

This would, I imagine, result in the subject’s movements over time being represented on their body as a texture. It could look pretty nuts.

Other possibilities for exploring these video volumes could be:

  • Produce the voxel volume of a video as a digital material that one can actually “sculpt” into, revealing different moments in time. Workflow would likely involve Processing + ImageJ + Unity, and output would likely be a VR or game-like experience.
  • A higher quality version of the stereo time-remapping I did with the bloggie camera. This would involve mounting and genlocking two DSLRs, potentially controlling through OpenFrameworks. This could also be an opportunity to revisit depth from stereo.
  • Underwater – I could do more underwater explorations with 2 waterproof gopros (knockoff)
  • A book- similar to Tauba Aurbach’s work I could produce these volumetric videos as flipbooks