I’m very excited by interactive, 3d, time-based projects with a hand-made quality to them. I’ve been exploring ways to represent reality with hand-drawn renderings, clay, and fabric, in conjunction with rotoscoping, photogrammetry, and especially videogrammetry. The portrait I made with bierro was an openFrameworks executable where the viewer could manipulate the angle of bierro’s head just as you could manipulate the angle of a sphere in maya or unity. All the frames were hand drawn from a video I took of bierro spinning in a chair.

Going forward with this project, I would love to capture more angles so that my subject could be turned and rotated in a variety of angles (rather than just one axis). I would also like to create more interactive portraits where the viewer can manipulate the position of the subjects arms/legs, etc. In order to do this efficiently, I plan on researching some style transfer algorithm so each frame will not have to be hand-drawn but will still appear that way.


I started with a video of bierro.

I wrote a simple script to extract frames at a regular interval. Here are the frames I extracted:

I then used tracing paper and “rotoscoped” my subject:

Here is the final result: