One thought on “iciaiot-event”

  1. Anonymous feedback from group crit, 4/13/2017

    “Emergent body from ad-hoc mocap”

    Map body in mocap studio- rolling around in retroreflective balls. Futurist work – Duchamp. Organizational systems are being used in disorganized ways – feels rather fresh.

    The premise of the body emerging, ex nihilo (out of nothing), is very interesting and compelling. On the other hand, how is your project different from just recording the process of putting on a mocap suit? Details of aesthetic craft, in the dance movements and in the visual treatments, will be what make the difference between forgettable and remarkable.

    Your blog post is altogether lacking any writing whatsoever (narrative, process discussion, self-evaluation), and there’s no references to any prior work, as the professor requested. You don’t even give a single sentence about what’s going on here! Why did you omit this? What makes you think that’s OK?

    The animation video of Issey Miyake:

    See Seth Riskin’s light dance:

    That’s something i didn’t think about before- that you hide the dots on the floor with your body…

    I think the aesthetics of the result (the p5.js colored spheres) could be stronger. The Black & White line drawings get closer to this, but still need aesthetic refinement — what happened to other graphical concepts like the Minimum Spanning Tree? Sad not to see this implemented. + +

    Also worth trying other graphical ideas, like delaunay triangulations, voronoi diagrams… These are easy to find code for.

    Rig this to something!!!

    Your visualizations in p5js almost look like abstract locomoting creatures. Sort of like the “strandbeests”

    Would be cool with a convex hull visible (blob-u-lised)+

    Use body as drawing tool – what are the marks over time? ++

    Kind of cool seeing abstract visualizations using data from an event like this+

    Your concept is very strong, I’m impressed. However you should work on a more “finished” piece, something that is more than just a couple forms you played with. I think you can get to a beautiful final form that matches your concept in quality. +

    I’m curious to see your movements in a more natural form