Timothy Sherman – Looking Outwards 1 – Now That’s What I Call MIDI!

by Timothy Sherman @ 3:35 am 12 January 2011

Now That’s What I Call MIDI! is a project by the group Internet Archaeology to take MIDI versions of songs that were popular during the earlier days of the internet (~1996-~2002) and release them on a physical vinyl record EP. I think that the reframing and relocation of something outdated and purely digital (MIDI’s of 10 year old pop songs) onto a format that’s even more outdated, revival in popularity withstanding, and purely analog (Vinyl records) is a quite pointless, but somehow sort of appropriate act, and it’s that paradox that makes this project interesting to me. It does, however, come off as almost not enough. 16 MIDI’s aren’t much – and it’s only EP length. While money is certainly an issue, it could be interesting to play and remix some of these artifacts instead of just drag-and-dropping them onto a record. The tracklist isn’t given, nor do users (who must contribute money to make the project happen at all) have any say on what will be included. The world of old MIDI’s is gigantic, and this seems like a tiny and unprepared slice.

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