shawn sims-potential data sources

by Shawn Sims @ 1:57 pm 16 January 2011

I am very interested in the potential for real time (or as close as possible) data collection. I beleive that there are a few online services such as Pachube that may make it possible to use this for the data viz assignment. The following are possible data sources for the upcoming project…

1. Pattern recognition via ofx or java. Specifically I would be interested in counting the number of times words and/or gestures are used. That data would then be used to produce an infographic live behind the person(s). In order to do this I would need to record test data in order to directly tweak the code for a person. This could be done with computer and microphone and open-source sound recording. For post processing and later live processing libraries like ofxPatterns may be the best option.

Another Idea with pattern recognition is one where the input is video. Certain elements within the screen are analyzed for movement and similar objects that share this movement within a given threshold are then linked visually on the screen. Something like a visual network of movement. Many of the visuals I imagine are of trees in wind or things blowing or people walking.

2. Websites like Pachube offer the ability to stream live data from sensors that are networked. These sensors could be anywhere in the world or on the same local network. This becomes interesting when working with custom made arduino based sensors. This sensor setup may allow for cross referencing geogrphical location with the data collected.

3. The World Bank has recently made a very comprehensive data set that is aimed at research for finical and technical aid to countries around the world. Say what you will about the World Bank but they have out together an amazing data set. I believe that there is quite a bit of data here that when cross referenced in a thoughtful, critical, and provocative way could offer some very unique perspectives as to the dynamic of goods, money, and services distributed in our world. Find out more about the data set here.

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