Ward_Penney – Project3, Looking Outwards

by Ward Penney @ 10:34 pm 1 February 2011

I have a couple of ideas, and I wanted to use my Looking Outwards to take a look at what’s been done in the area of those ideas. On a side note, I found a really cool site for generational computation art, Generator.x.

This one is cool of the guy who did the Ultraman hack earlier.

Idea 1 – Body Puzzle

I think it would be funny to re-arrange somebody’s body parts on their body, and they have to put themselves back together. You could still move your arms and you would have to grab the parts and place them. I think I could use some concepts from the Kinect Camoflauge project.

Idea 2 – Something With Helicopters

I found this video of a Kinect mounted on a helicopter. They have the Kinect mounted on the helicopter, which I probably don’t have the time to complete. But, I would like to command a helicopter. Shawn did one last semester, but I really think it could be more robust and really fun.

Idea 3 – Reading Body Language

I’ve always been interested in subtle social dynamics, and body language is king. I wonder if the Kinect could read it. Machine Learning could be ran on it to learn the language. Another hard part is how to visualize it. Body language that goes well is such a success, I am thinking of a visualization that speaks to that excitement and happiness. I like this flowery thing, or this use of squares, or this curve thing.

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