Looking outwards – week3

by huaishup @ 6:52 am 2 February 2011

1. Philip Worthington – Shadow Monsters, Responsive Environment 2005

This is definitely an impressive project. Creating shadow puppets is a great concept. I sometimes have the thought that if I have the ability to control the shape of my shadow that will be awesome. I am glad this project made it partially come true. Maybe using shadow to create a fighting game is a great idea?

2. Daniel Rozin – Mirrors Mirror, Motoristic Responsive Sculpture 2008

The idea that using tiny mirrors as pixels is smart. The property of mirror made this project really fun. If using kinect to track a full body movement could be more interesting? Or, the installation could beyond 2D surface? Like distorting mirror?

3. Kinect Rubber Sheet

One of the best things of kinect is that it allows you to mix the virtual world with the real world. This project is an example. By pushing your hands towards kinect, from the screen, it seems that you are trying to tear a rubber sheet of yourself. I am obsessed by these mix reality things.

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