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  1. Hi Huaishu, here are the comments from the class crit. Nice start! -GL

    You took a while to get to your project, but I love it! You had a concept and you made it work :)

    This is almost a programming system as much as it is a drum system.
    — Units should have different timbres (slightly) so it’s easier to distinguish them when they’re sounding simultaneously.
    — Save/load configurations! Then make sure you produce a video…
    — Can you visualize the master clock? It’s difficult to understand/predict the looping otherwise.

    Preload videos before presentation.

    Get to the project faster. Background is great, but we want to see your project!

    Good concept. I like seeing this rule-based generative patterning. It’s something I’m missing in my project.

    I like how you’ve motivated the inspiration for your project, but I think it’d be cool to introduce your idea first and then loop back to the inspiration.

    Yeah you’re using Prezi, but some of the slides are just paragraphs of text. Show us the producT!!!

    Liking the interface. The delay from one drum to the next is quite long (might want to make it a parameter). Nice demo : ) Might want to make the stick always be on top. Establish some limits to the beats so it does not go wild/annoying.
    Can you place the drums anywhere near the next as long as it overlaps?

    Seems like general consensus among the class to cut to the chase, and show the demo earlier :)

    Wow this is quite a nice interface. Nicely done. I love these little atomatons. Can you somehow make it work on the web? Processing.js maybe? I know you need a better sound interface, but there must be a way…

    Great UI, but I agree that the delay seems a little too long. Could you make drum components to control the volume of the hit? It might allow you to layer the sounds a little better.

    Maybe the propogation speed is too slow? I want things to start happening faster.

    Sweet feedback loops.

    I agree the delay is a little long. Is there a way to rotate the drums? < +1 Really complex interactionsand interface for such a small program. It's pretty impressive. niceee, like a little drumline. how come the two stick doesn't sound different? and can you make it do like a drumroll where the sticks don't hit at the same time? I agree with the comments about speed. It's a very nice interface though. I like the generated sound and how you can control it. If you do make this physical, It'd be really cool to introduce colored LEDs into the mix. That way, in the dark, you could see the things pulsing away. (+1 agree!) I'd like to see a demo of more complex beats working the original inspiration. Can you add different tonalities to the drums to create a composition? I do like the animated beat-strike, but I agree that there needs to be a visual representation of the timer... Make it this the underlying coding for a physical object!!!! Awesome Huaishu. Nice examples of your inspirations for the project. Impressive demo! I like the feedback through movement of the drumsticks, although I wonder if you could exaggerate it even a little more to make it more obvious where the beats are coming from. Nice work! I really like the stringability, wish the beats were more rhythmically spot on, but hey, for a one week project no worries. I love the way this allows rhythm to be visualized, adding more drum sounds and possibly clearer or more intense visual feedback on drum hits would be great. I like how it turned out. It's very fun! looking forward to seeing the physical drums and how you might use a physical property like drum width/depth to effect sound. Interface looks polished, would be great for novices interacting and playing around. Demo could have used more rehearsal at the beginning, but got toward the end, especially where the system drums faster than a human could drum. The influence of one drum on another is great. It reminds me of being in marching band... /doubletime. I'm having trouble following the controls on the interface, the amount of complexity you have might lend to needing a simpler one for newbs like me. cool! agree. I want more visuals! Me too, me too! You're on to something, but I think it could look a tad nicer/simpler.

    Comment by Golan Levin — 22 March 2011 @ 3:15 pm

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