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by chaotic*neutral @ 6:52 pm 23 March 2011


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  1. Hi Riley, please be sure to document this project properly in the course blog, once the performance has taken place. Please include screenshots and a schematic description of the signalling pipeline. Below are the comments from the crit. -GL

    Hey, a bassoon is not a percussion instrument. If you’re going to say “percussion ensemble”, and show a mockup of your ensemble, please show one if possible…

    You should consult with the musicians: ask them “what sound can you play that sounds like someone jumping? … that sounds like someone making footsteps”.

    Dan sez: give them durations, not just note-ons.

    It’s important for the musicians to see the events ‘coming down the pipeline’ of the sheet music. A little advanced notice helps the musicians to read the ‘music’!

    I’m not sure what the relationship between the visuals and the sound is. Yeh, there’s a gnarly delay between the two streams. Needs to be addressed.

    I can see you’ve put a lot of work into this. I can’t see the relationship, but it’ll be interesting to see how the musicians use this information to play their music. I guess I don’t really get it too much.

    As a musician I wonder how useful the score will be. As it is now, you’re only showing note on events, why aren’t you using note durations, glissandis, velocity, etc, tempo changes based on clusters of events. The mapping is too simple I think.

    I agree with Dan, given that you have a time buffer, and you’ve been working with the event data for a while you totally have the opportunity to use the events as a jumping off point for more interesting analysis/music score output.

    Do those colored events representing the lines have anything to do with the sound playing? It is unclear. The audio sounds like that first project you showed. Golan has a good point, the audience would want to see the gamer’s reaction in sync with anything cool that happens. DAN is the MAN on this topic. Temp, durations. Give something to the musicians to work with, so they can do something exciting. 30 mintues of drumming is a mind-screw for the musician.

    It’s an interesting concept, but I wonder how it’s actually going to sound… I don’t have too much to say until I see it this weekend. I think it could be really neat, but it depends on how well the band can follow/how it sounds.

    I like the different mediums coming together. Ben has a good point about the delay. I kind of want more types of sounds, maybe something that actually reflects the action taking place?

    You’re essentially taking the feedback from Counter Strike and turning it into Rock Band. Well done. I want to see it become much more streamlined, but still, taking the output from one game and basically using it as the input for another is pretty cool. Needs development.

    Interesting, I don’t completely buy the mapping: a few discrete events to drum beats but the idea of having the beats build up when the game gets intense could work out well. It just needs a little bit more. Musician improv is good!

    The synchronization issue is a good point. I feel like it can change a lot the perception of the performance.

    Comment by Golan Levin — 23 March 2011 @ 6:55 pm

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