Caitlin Boyle && Asa Foster :: We Be Monsters Thoughts & Updates

by Caitlin Boyle @ 10:08 am 30 March 2011

We Be Monsters :: A Prezi

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  1. Can you use the Prezi plugin tags to embed the presentation?

    Here are todays plugins:

    Traer physics FTW (springs)
    Box2D FTW (springs also)
    There’s tutorials for both

    Go through your code and make sure you know what every line actually does. Once you have it at a point where it would be really easy to make changes (like have a second monster) then you are probably good.

    Subtlety and nuances are probably big issues to consider

    What if I could choose a different monster? Have many pre-configured.

    A thought: kids wouldn’t notice the nuances of the physics as much as the features they can play with. Asa’s response: The physics are more for us, making the limbs spring back and not loop the hell out when something the program doesn’t immediately recognise happens.

    [From Golan] C&A,
    — please send me an email to remind me to contact Jane Werner on your behalf.
    — To build the torsional angle springs.
    — Caitlin, please speak with Rich Kawood about refreshing the OS on your laptop. Please send me a reminder for that.
    — Here is a keyboard emulator to which you can connect BIG RED BUTTONS:

    I think that you guys obviously know what it is that you need to get done, I’d only just add to set up a schedule for yourselves so you know when to get what done by. Also like the comment below says — get the puppet to work, but also think about how a person walks up to the puppet for the first time and learns how to interact with it. Maybe see if you can do something with the children’s school to see what the kids think?

    The interface design for kids will be a critical point…

    Really like to see your prject moving on. Consider kid’s size. That may or may not make a difference.

    Interface design for kids will be fun. I’m sure any of us HCI-ers wouldn’t mind helping you out.
    To the above I know some people worked on the physical interface to control Reefbot (aimed at 4-8 year old kids) at the Pittsburgh Aquarium last semester and have done some research in this space (Mauricio and Le I think).

    congrats on the grant! < Did they get it or are they applying for it? < Applying as far as I know. multiple puppets is a good idea. is there a way that say if four kids were playing with it' they could interact Good luck on the grant! Yes! If you're looking for help understanding basic particles, Robert hodgin wrote a great step-by-step tutorial for Cinder that's really easily applicable to Processing (since they basically ported it over to C), especially when giving particles "personality" and generally making them mroe interesting
    and I definitely could help you out with particle stuff if you need. — Alex

    What is the demo going to look like? Is it a video or a live demo? If it’s a video there are probably some shortcuts that you can take to make it look good when it doesn’t actually work.

    They’ve posted audio from the SXSW session titled “Designing Stuff Kids will Use and Love” – I’d recommend listening to it if you get bored sometime. They have some interesting insights related to interface design:

    Does the Kinect work for kids? < (Are you really asking this? Hasn't MS been cranking out shitty kids games? hah) < (I've never tested it with kids, so I don't know first hand) << I worry that they would be confused by the Psi pose. Is there some way to give them feedback that lets them know they've been recognized? This is John, I'd be happy to talk about UI, I'm a current HCI master's student. The idea of multiple puppets is nice. Some useful links on soft bodies simulations: Maybe you can find some help with the physics implementation there.

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