shawn sims-big ass robot update

by Shawn Sims @ 8:07 am 13 April 2011

Currently the RAPID output is working smoothly. The only issues currently are some coordinate system misalignment. The x,y,z orientations of the robot (RAPID), kinect (ofx), and the TCP (tool center point) are all different. We have solved most of these issues but just need to scale the input. Currently the interaction method is you move your hand and a vector is created from your chest to hand. That vector determines where the robot looks or where it operates.

Some hurdles we have covered….
+ Making openNI actually 3d instead of a flat image
+ RAPID output is clean with no errors (except joint limits when it moves to a position out of range)
+ Simulation is running live in Robot Studio (virtual controller) via OF

Things to do…
+ Map/Scale Quaternion inputs from openNI to limit input. This will minimize joint limit errors
+ Create a tool to operate on a soft material
+ Create a safe interaction

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