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by Shawn Sims @ 2:12 am 20 April 2011

Here is a brief update with Interactive Robotic Fabrication…these are a few screen shots of the RAPID code running in Robot Studio which is receiving quaternion coordinates from openFrameworks via an open socket connection over wifi. Currently the openNI library is reading the skeleton / gesture or the right arm and producing a vector at the continuation of the neck to arm. This gives the robot an orientation that is relative to the users position.

Setup Begins with openNI and ofx which produces the RAPID code to send to Robot Studio…

making the socket connection…

specific IP address. This may interesting if the user can be anywhere within the same wifi network and controlling a robot someplace else…

Once the socket connection has been made the port for receiving the coordinates begins to listen…This is a view of the Virtual Controller which mimics the physical one.

Last is a short video of actual live control of the robot simulation via the process described above.

Plan for interaction….
I have ordered 50lbs of clay and lots of foam to expirement with the kneeding / poking of clay. The tool that will be used is like a pyramid which will yield a pattern something like Aranda Lasch furniture.

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  1. Comments from the crit 4/20:

    This seems like the sort of research that will bring about the robopocalypse.< -- < -- +1 Oh, thank god you're limiting the IP address. I was thinking about what would happen if someone injected wifi packets. so, how close are we to Terminator? <-- 8:11 PM yesterday ...
    Do you need people to come push clay around?

    Would the clay work better with water?

    Will there be a delay between your gesture and what the robot does?

    Does it give any audio or visual que that it understands what you are doing and knows where its going?

    Quaternions…more like Borophyl…
    I don’t think that’s enough clay… you might need to consider ordering more.
    Looking forward to seeing this in action.

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