Andre Le

27 Jan 2014

Eye Writer
This project was a very important contribution to the field because it took graffiti, which is generally considered destructive, and used openFrameworks to create a digital representation of it using projection mapping. The best part of this project was that they engineered an eye-tracking interface to bring the joy of writing back to an ailing graffiti artist, effectively enabling him to project his thoughts and ideas on to huge walls.

Nike Run+ 2 

The Nike Run+ visualization seems to be a relatively simple, but well executed experiment using a large dataset of aggregated anonymized GPS running data. It’s a beautiful way of showing customers how others use Nike’s gear. Although they only highlight one runner at a time, smaller paths can be seen growing and moving around him, further reinforcing the feeling of community.


Inkscape is a project that displays the power of openFrameworks is all of its glory. This project stitches together several massive screens and allows for artist to paint across the screen using wireless tablets. The displays all run seamlessly and a high frame rate and resolution. There is something magical about using digital augmentation to amplify human abilities beyond what would be possible in the physical world. In this piece, the artist are able to paint at a super-sized scale, and have it transition back and forward through time to tell a story.