Andrew Sweet

14 Jan 2014

Hello, my name is Andrew Sweet. I’m currently a junior studying Computer Science and Art here at Carnegie Mellon. In the past, I’ve worked with a number of startups at different stages of development, in education, games, and social tools. In this course, I hope to escape standard definition and regulation to pursue ambition that comes from within.

Twitter: @HeySweet

GitHub (Pretty barren)

While I’ve worked on other, much smaller projects for classes, the most substantial thing I’ve completed to date is GeekSeek. Long story short, I convinced Geek & Sundry, a Hollywood-based webseries company that I could design and develop an app for them, despite the fact that I had no prior experience with the tools I’d be needing (Objective C, Parse, xcode) or any formal app or interface design experience. The learning process of both sides was incredible, with tons of research and hands-on development. It should hit the App Market within the month.

GeekSeek is an iOS app that allows you to find Geeky places nearby. Find sci-fi bars, arcades, comic book shops and more! Post nearby nerdy locations, vote on others’ locations, comment, or join Geek & Sundry at one of their local events.

All design and implementation with the exception of icons was done by me (icons by Luna Lie, Geek & Sundry’s Web Designer)

GeekSeek Logo

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