Andrew Sweet

21 Jan 2014


Nike Fuelband

Considering I’ve already started collecting data this way, I will be interning at Nike this summer, and I’ve made it a goal of mine to get into better shape this semester, I’ve decided to continue tracking my activity for the semester with the Nike Fuelband.



I’m really interested in seeing habits of mine in choice of words and communication. I’m likely going to download all of my text messages and Facebook messages, since these are my most used forms of communication, and perform some analytics and likely use a data visualization tool to figure out words I use a lot, how much my language varies amongst different groups of people, and how clustered that variation can become.


Screen Shot 2014-01-21 at 1.39.46 AM

Right now, I’m somebody who pretty heavily uses my Google Calendar. If it’s not on there, I’m more than likely going to forget I’ve made a commitment to do something. For this semester, I’m going to use the Calendar just a bit more heavily, mapping every event I do outside of my home. It sounds like an unbearable task, but it really isn’t that different from what I currently do, I just have to be slightly more meticulous about the times of things and remembering to put impromptu events on the calendar as well, perhaps retroactively.