Andrew Sweet

28 Jan 2014

Feedback is an interesting, public interactive installation, sort of a digital fun-house mirror that introduces the general public to interesting computation, and expresses displays the intersection of technology and culture in a very simple, elegant interaction that engages many groups of users.

Memory Palace is an interesting digital collection and physical gallery of visitors’ favorite memories visualized in a 2D plane. It’s implications and aesthetics are more interesting to me than the technical feat of it all, and I really think being able to make one conceptual object out of many individuals’ thoughts and actions is a uniquely powerful capability in the digital age. It allows just enough constraint to offer a sense of uniformity or rather unity and similarity amongst a large corpus of work while offering the creative freedom to quilt together unique-feeling ideas.

Clouds, while itself was not made with openFrameworks, is based around a tool that was made in openFrameworks, RGDB Toolkit. This interesting take on the normal documentary, making an emergent, generated documentary from a corpus of multiple interviews, sort of a point cloud aggregated around conversation points about the development of the code and art intersection. Clouds took to Kickstarter to get crowdfunded, and features a number of prominent individuals in the field, including our very own professor.