Austin McCasland

28 Jan 2014

I was told that this was done in penFrameworks by one of the guys from FAKELOVE when he was here during a RasberryPi Workshop. This video is not only a great example of OF, but also of how to make a gorgeous documentation video. They stitched together a ridiculous dollar amount of projectors to get this to work, and I think the project turned out great. Here’s to corporate sponsorship!

I want to know what exactly this is and how I can get there. Maybe the fact that I don’t understand the characters is making it a little more mysterious to me, but I feel like it is such an odd collection of interactive pieces. I am a sucker for CV/Motion tracking projects, and I quite like how successful this one is at looking almost cheesily futuristic. It looks like a scifi movie.

Quick Sketch

What I like about this is that it seems like a “I just got it compiling, let’s test it” video, but the concept is so nice that it still sucks me in. I love how rather than doing something super energetic with the motion tracking, the grid just sort of squeezes in on the point where someone is moving on it. It feels very organic.