Kevan Loney

16 Jan 2014


This was a bit of a tie while looking around… Both of these projects caught my fancy. The Love Machine and┬áNosaj Thing “Eclipse/Blue” bring to live performance/theatre what I want to further investigate. A stage that is truly interactive and augmented. Not just an illusion to sell a world to the audience, but one that the actor can truly interact and have impact on during a show. Both of these projects sell the idea to the fullest extent leaving the actors in control instead of the media being in control of them. For this reason, I admire both of these wonderful efforts.


This video caught me off guard when I originally found it. I believe that it is quite the scandalous and brilliant idea. A projector used as a flashlight to reveal alternate realities for the viewer! Such a great idea! Although this concept could be pushed using traditional projection mapping, what is really special about this is that the use of multiple disciplines (such as animation, 3D modeling, film, and code) not only bring to life characters and new dimensions in closed spaces, but also creates life/character for the projector itself. This new “character” is brilliantly used towards the end of the video when your eye is tricked to the point were one really starts to lose track of what is the “true” reality.


This media wall caught my attention at first due to it’s slick design, but the more I watched the less impressed I became. Although I think the idea of live updating twitter among other feeds is a cool idea, I still think there seems to be a distancing of the relationship between the human and the piece of work. Something to make it personal to the viewer would have been nice. My mind started to race right back to the theatre during this video. ┬áThinking of other ways to perhaps incorporate the audience into the performance using different feeds. One at which their communal presence could have and impact on the show.