Kevan Loney

11 Feb 2014

Looking through the list awhile ago I found three that jumped out at me. These where also due to me looking ahead to the future and what I would want to possibly use in my final project to create a fully interactive stage environment, centered around augmenting the world around the actor’s characterizations/movements.



This add-on caught my attention due to it’s fairly accurate and responsive nature. You can get very subtle details in the hand, that you just can’t get with a standard Kinect. This could be interesting if it where embedded into a set piece and allowed for actor to manipulate something in their environment with a simple gesture or swipe.


This one jumped out at me simply because we use syphon already so much in the Media department in the School of Drama. If I want to code anything in openFrameworks, I will definitely need to learn how to use this addon to allow us to use it with our mapping softwares of choice, or even other interfaces to allow further manipulation later in the pipeline.


This one seems interesting to me due to the formation of a mesh the acts as a boundary box for other meshes. This could prove useful to project things around the actor and make it so that they can still move/have control and the projected environment will manipulate to them.
As I said earlier, all of these are purely idea based, with me looking ahead to the final project….