MacKenzie Bates

19 Jan 2014

FitBit/Nike+ Fuel Band

FitBit and the Nike+ Fuel Band are both activity monitor bracelets.  The Nike+ Fuel Band seems to focus more on athletic activities. Whereas FitBit seems to focus on a more holistic approach and even includes a sleep tracking system. If we did get FitBits (which I really hope we did), then I’ll wear both activity bracelets so I’ll collect mega-data.


RescueTime monitors how you spend your time on your devices. For computers it measures how long you use applications and visit webpages, and then gives you a productivity pulse to visualize how well you are spending your time. I will be interested to see how well I actually spend my time and if it possibly makes me more productive.


AskMeEvery is a nice website for logging personal data of any type on a daily basis. You are reminded daily via text or email to respond. I will be using it an excessive amount :]

Every single day I will answer the questions:

  • How long did I sleep last night?
  • How productive was I today?  (0-4)
  • How stressful was today?  (0-4)
  • How creative was I today? (0-4)
  • Level of eccentricity? (1-7)
  • Gimme a random number? (0-100) [just curious if a trend will develop]
  • Gimme a letter! (aA – zZ) [curiosity once again]
  • How many servings of fruit?
  • How many cans of soda?
  • How many new songs did I find?
  • How many times did I shower?
  • Hatred of mainstream? (1-11)
  • How long did I play video games for?
  • Who are you comrade question? (1 – 10) [which is a rating of how annoyed I am with having to answer the questions]