Looking Outwards 2 – Self-Quantification Tools

To monitor and quantify some of my daily actives, I’ve decided on tools that are built on open APIs for easy accessibility and hackability.

I’ve decided on the following three tools for now.

Fitbit : Monitoring my physical activity and sleep
I’m interested in visualizing my sleep patterns, and possibly the correlation between my calendar and sleeping habits. I chose Fitbit because it seems to have the most open API for developers compared to other trackers.

D3JS : Visualization tool
I think D3 is an awesome tool for building interactive visualizations. I haven’t had the chance to play around with it yet with actual data, I think this would be a great opportunity. Since D3 is a data driven tool, I found it to be the most appropriate javascript library for such a task.

IFTTT : Building workflows
IFTTT looks like an interesting tool for building contextually aware workflows. Since the data that we’re collecting in this project can be used to derive context, I think there’s a lot of potential for of integrating my daily activity data with IFTTT.