Nastassia Barber

14 Jan 2014

Hi!  I’m Nastassia and I’m a junior in mechanical engineering.  My interests are maybe even more separate and diverse than others here but like many other people, I hope to use this class to build some skills that will help me bridge the gap.  Gaining more skills in the software area will help me bring my interests together and maybe help me figure out how not to end up designing milling cutters for the rest of my life.  So far I’ve practiced/enjoyed building test apparatus, assembly lines, jewelry, paper lanterns, and silly Arduino projects.

I don’t have a lot of relevant experience, but I did a generative art project for my 15-112 term project.  It was a little thing where you could select one of two brushes to draw with and it would make stuff happen.  The icicle brush generated geometric icicle-type shapes based on how fast the mouse was moving, and the web brush generated webs between drawn lines.

15-112 pic

I liked the concept and I thought the drawing tools were pretty, but the color droplets in the web brush were buggy and I didn’t have time to fix them.  And wow, were my ‘save,’ ‘clear,’ etc. buttons terrible.  My main triumph here was that Kosbie told me my idea was un-gradable, but I did it anyway and got an A+.  The video was really not made for sharing other than for grading, so it’s pretty dull, but you can find it here.