Sama Kanbour

16 Jan 2014

What moved me: Tweeting Happy New Year around the world

Description designed by Krist Wongsuphasawat, this web application gives an overview of New Year’s celebration around the glob
Message in a single view, this animation shows how the planet coordinates in the moments that make us happy. It appears that no matter which part of the world we belong to, we all share common ground
Visual Techniques twitter API to collect data and JavaScript to create the animation

Happy New Year
What surprised me: Sonumbra de Vincy

Description an artificial nature composed of blue lights interacts with humans according to their movements
Message the fact that we have the ability to “influence” our environment is a pleasant concept
Visual Techniques sensors are used to detect humans, whose movements govern the algorithms that animate the artificial trees

What disappointed me: flouty

Description I am unsure what this animation represents. The label indicates that it is about a jellyfish
Message this animation could have been done only for entertainment
Visual Techniques: created with open-frameworks and written in C++
Areas for Improvement more work could have been done to make these creatures look more like actual jellyfishes