Spencer Barton

27 Jan 2014

UVA vs Massive Attack: “United Snakes” using openFrameworks

My only reaction to this project was How?

There was a level of complexity to this piece beyond what I thought possible. And it was all done with openFrameworks. Apparently the animations were created by taking basic shapes and “pulling” the pixels apart.

Puppet Parade – Interactive Kinect Puppets by Design I/O

This is a nice interactive project bring finger puppets to life. A large part of its appeal are the smiles on the child participants. A number of people can interact and work together which makes the bird feeding fun to watch. This was also a nice use of kinect as there is a strong mapping between hand motions and actions. This keeps the interface intuitive.

The sound of water by Bjørn Gunnar Staal

This project is a small hack using the Touche project (capacitive sensing). Bjørn maps the sensor readings to sound. In the video it take a minute for him to get used to this instrument but he manages to create a small composition. This project demonstrates some ease of use with openFrameworks as Bjørn got this little demo up and running one evening.