Wanfang Diao

15 Jan 2014

Hello everyone! My name is Wanfang. My background is Electronic Engineering & minor in Industrial Design. Now I’m in the Master of Tangible Interaction Design program. I enjoy creating playful & interactive experience. Most of my work are building tangible smart things,  I have code experience but not much in visualization. The funny thing is that the initial motivation I taught myself Processing was  to build an application for visualizing Smith chart to help myself learning electromagnetic theory :p.  I guess now IACD is a great playground for me to use digital media to explore & create fun experience!!!

Twitter: @Wanfangd

Github: https://github.com/wfdiao

“Note cubes” is my solo project in Hybrid Instrument Building course.

Note Cubes from Wanfang Diao on Vimeo.






Note Cubes is a set of tangible cubes designed for children to explore sound, notes and rhythm. By putting them a line or also stacking them (just like playing toy bricks), you can let cubes trigger their “neighbor cubes “( left or right & up & down) to play notes. Kids get a piece of sound or melody after a few time trials.

In this project, I want to build a very straight forward mapping between space (of cube) and  time (of the musical note) and give kids a playful experience of exploring rhythm & melody by some kind of “space sense”.