Wanfang Diao

27 Jan 2014

1. Starry Night (interactive animation)


This work is like magic! It just stand on the shoulder of  Vincent Van Gogh, and give a new life again to the famous painting. The movement is so natural and beautiful, what’s more, the interactive part add more fun to this project. Finally, the sound design is also make the work perfect.

2. N-3D

This project won at media it used as display. I think the work it self may not very complicated, but it jump out of the flat aesthetic. I saw more potential in the part of interaction  by sound. I think the interaction can be more interesting and more magical. Many application can also start from this idea.


3.  Step sequencer meets projection mapping

I like this project because the mapping is clear and the sound is nice. It is well designed and the virtual part is also impressive. The changing of the blocks is magical just like when sound mixed together there is something great arise from them.