Wanfang Diao

17 Feb 2014

This is a project by Disney Research. It use simple circuits embedded in cards to help children build interest to physics knowledge and understand these knowledge by hands-on experience. I believe people learn from doing. In this project, the technology is not complicated, but it prove that simple idea can also be significant and fun. There are lots of way to interact with objects and explore the world, not only clicking the mouse or typing on a touch screen. That’s also one thing this project try to tell children.

This is a project from a CIID student. Her idea is to use color drops produce notes. I think there is more potential in this project. There is several question to think about: Why does her mapping colors to notes? Which color map to which note? Lights and sounds are all waves. So what’s happened to the notes when colors are mixed together as a new color? Can interaction be more rich besides using the dropper? Anyway, this project is simple, but it is a good inspiration.

I like this project because it is so beautiful! The author used the changing of capacitor when wood be touched to control the led lights under the wood as an interaction. It is so natural and smooth. I believe there is more interesting interaction patten the author can explore. What’s more, the documentation is great.