Yingri Guan

27 Jan 2014

After much more research, I am amazed by the boundaries openFrameworks enabled people to push.

Significant Contribution

EyeWriter is a project that I really admire. With the incorporation of openFrameworks, Graffiti Research lab created this eye tracking device that empowers artists and graffiti writers who are suffering from ALS to draw using their eyes. Just as the software of the openFrameworks is empowering, this development help to realize the dreams of others.

Humorous and Provocative

All Eyes on You is a very playful installation by Britzpetermann for a shop. I imagine myself walking by and took a glimpse of it and then start pacing back and forth to see what these eyes will do. It is a very relaxing and humorous interactive experience and makes me wonder about the personal attention we have in this digital era.

Most people are probably aware of the combination of openFrameworks and Raspberry Pi. It is another empowering toolkit for creative thinkers to tinker with and create amazing work. An easy to follow installation tutorial is available here.

A time-lapse video created by David Hunt using Rasperry Pi and openFrameworks. He built a interface that allows to position the dolly on the rail via the motor control buttons; change the motor pulse duration between shots; change the delay between shots; change the number of shots; see what time is left for the current sequence; and start and stop the time-lapse.