Yingri Guan

06 Mar 2014

I thought this art work gives some inspiration about visualizing sound. It is giving particles of the visualization abilities. Normally we see the particles as bits and now are seeing the actual particles rise upwards, giving meaning to the music.

I also love the idea of the project “Connecting Copenhagen neighborhoods using morse code”. This can create a lot of the social interactions and I like the platform for interaction. However, I am not sure about the translation into morse code. Does it mean that certain people are not designed to understand the tweeter feeds that are sent to these machines? Also, if it involves encoding, can we use other codes too?

Communion is another really great interactive art which I admire. Computational systems are used to continuously create these related but entirely differentiated creature that are then mapped 360 degrees across the room to create very interesting contemplation. Also I love the concept of transformation from simple to complicated.