Flexible Muscle-Based Locomotion for Bipedal Creatures from Thomas Geijtenbeek

Explained: Computerized evolution of walking creatures.

Chosen: Cool. Funny. Relevant.

Critiqued: Nothing. I’m impressed.

Related: Reminiscent of Karl Sims, William Latham, and Richard Dawkins.

Sonic Glitch Art from Dane Carney (Enad Yenrac)

Explained: Music made from transcoding gifs to sound, then turning those sounds back to image.

Chosen: I’ve always had a soft spot for glitch art, and this fits the bill in terms of this week’s generative theme.

Critiqued: I wish it was more transparent how image is turned to sound and back again. For all I know, this is pure glitch art, and the music on top is just made up.

Related: The author mentions staAllio!’s work from the 90s as being inspiration.