ibldi by @john_a_mars is a web app that creates customizable 3D printed models of urban areas.


This will be a continuation of Assignment 21: Parametric Object, in which I developed CityGrabber, an openFrameworks application that extracts the 3D tiles, i.e., buildings, textures, and terrains, from née Nokia Maps.

I plan to develop a webapp that allows users to select custom areas within cities (or anywhere that has 3D data available), and have them printed with Shapeways. There’s two competitors in this general area, but both of them are focused on terrain, not buildings.


  • Develop method for turning single-face meshes into solid meshes
  • Build website locally
    • Develop website backend
      • Determine website framework (Node.js, Django, Flask, etc.)
      • Embed openFrameworks on server
      • Implement a map API for displaying available cities and picking them
      • Implement Shapeways SDK
    • Develop website frontend
  • Deploy DigitalOcean droplet (possibly Heroku)
  • Purchase Domain
  • Deploy website on server
  • Test print from Shapeways
  • Open Shapeways store
  • Publicity
  • Profit