27 Feb 2015

My bot is called @ColorSquares and its URL is

This is a bot which generates color studies based off of common nouns. The feed is curated.

I was inspired to make this bot while working on the following color study:


For this, I manually google image searched the word ‘chair’ prefixed by each of the following colors: red orange yellow green blue purple. I then composited these images in photoshop.

As I was doing this, I was considering ways in which I could automate this process. This twitter bot is my solution. It takes a noun and retrieves 6 images of it, one for each color. Next, the bot collages the images and uploads it to Twitter. I then act as curator, removing images that are not acting as color studies.

According to Micheal Cook’s bot taxonomy, ColorSquares is an Imagebot. The goal is for the program to generate formal color studies, not necessarily visualizations for the search term.

I have found many of the studies highly interesting as color studies:


Here is what the feed looks like:


Beyond myself, only my sister is currently following this bot. She is a fan. And I kind of like it too.