03 Mar 2015

Rorschach Globe. What can you see #?

This was my secondary project. I wanted to create a simple graphic based off of some social media activity. In the end, I decided to track Twitter, for use of the #?. My visual results:


I used the timezones of the tweets for more interesting vertical patterns. I checked back every few seconds and the map is animated (pretty smoothly, the jump in GIF is the loop back)



This was my first time scraping or visualizing such a large amount of data. I was unsure of how to determine what data might be interesting to mine so I focused on how I could create some nice looking visuals. In fact, most of my projects for the course have been centered around aesthetic experience.

Overall, I am not able to draw insight from either the data search or graphics. It’s not necessarily a very telling thing to tweet #?, the context is wide and I am only grouping by timezone.