11 Mar 2015

Stippling is way of drawing by means of small dots if varying sizes. Usually, a single color is used by pen or brush. If the dots are drawn closed to each other, the apparent shade is darker and if the dots are placed far away from each other, the apparent shade is lighter. Stippling is found in nature in flower petals.

Robert Hodgin created a stippling algorithm to convert images into dot patterns. The particles emerge from the center of the image and start pushing each other out to create the final image. What I like about this piece is that the particles magically make the image once there are enough particles generated. There is a moment where the viewer ‘sees’ the image in hundreds of particles and goes ‘wow’.

Reference : http://roberthodgin.com/stippling/

StippleGen is software developed with Processing. It takes in images and converts them into stippling images. the software also has mode of Voronoi cell display. The number of stipples (points) in the image are controllable. More the number of stipples, more intricate the resulting image is.



I am interested in exploring how new tools of media arts are being used in recreating different drawing techniques.