11 Mar 2015



I’m interested in the process of using 2D elements to create an illusion of depth. This GIF by PATAKK creates an illusion of an organic motion in 3D which is similar to a creature. The GIF is monochrome but manages to convey the feeling of surface texture of this ‘imagined’ creature.


Happy Birthday to me

This GIF is quite unusual. I like choice of colors and surface texture of face and balloon depicted in the gif. This is also quite different that other gifs I came across. the face is merged with the background. The gif is subtle and weird at the same time. You don’t expect the face to open and the ballon to quietly fly away. The motion is looped in order to create an illusion that the mouth opens and keeps on spitting a balloon. Looping of the gif does not seem obvious but more real.

Reference: http://zolloc.com/post/110081062589