The receipt racer is a project created by Undef and Joshua Noble during the OFFF Festival in 2008. The project uses OpenFrameworks to combine input from a game controller, a small projector, and a receipt printer. These unusual components work together to create a novel remix of a classic video game. The most appealing part of this project is it’s mixed use of technology that was never meant to work together. In many ways that’s one of the main features of OpenFrameworks. I’d also like to call to attention that fact that a single image can sum up the entire project. Simple but effective documentation.


OfxHeartbeat is an addon for OpenFrameworks that allows apps to share their state with each other. I find this really exiting because it opens up the possibility that multiple computers/apps could act as one rather than just sending a few pieces of info back and forth. In my mind this implies a sort of group think potential for computer programs. I’m looking forward to testing this out.