Aprameya Mysore

03 Apr 2016

I collaborated with crushed frito chip on the visualization of a place project. Our initial idea to do a social asymmetry graph of friendships in CFA fell through due to the ethical implications of revealing which people nobody likes (which would probably have been pretty mean), so we went in an entirely different direction. We were interested in the usb microscope for capturing weird gross textural images, and had the idea of creating gross virtual paradise locations advertised by a travel agency. We narrowed the scope of this idea down from creating 3d worlds with textures from the microscope to creating a series of travel posters with art deco style graphic layouts, featuring scening landscapes textured with our weird gross pictures. We ended up making a generative workflow so that our app could create arbitrary posters given a populated database of textures, shapes, and fragments of place names that could be assembled to create a travel poster to a virtual place. Through implementing some compositional constraints and applying tints to our textures we got some cool stuff. Here are some of our more interesting results


pus hamlet Soggy Grout Slime Coast