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Aprameya Mysore

02 Feb 2016


I made this variable threshold hand contour detection utility in openframeworks, using the ofxCv and ofxOpenCv addons. I was working on this problem last semester and was struggling with it, until I started working with Kyle McDonald’s ofxCV addon. I …

Aprameya Mysore

16 Jan 2016


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This map, entitled “Built LA”, was designed to show the process of sprawl in LA. I really like time based maps that show changing urban environments, and I am …

Aprameya Mysore

14 Jan 2016

interesting OF project

I was captivated by Kyle McDonald and Jonas Jongejan’s work ‘Light Leaks’. It involves use of 3 projectors to bounce light off a pile of mirror balls to cast interesting reflections throughout a room. The light beams …