Bo Kim

23 Feb 2016


I’ve been thinking a lot about what “space” can mean and what enforces people to recognize space. I came up with a couple of ideas.

    • The four categories in proxemics (intimate, personal, social, and public space) can be extended to privacy settings in social network services (only me, friends only, friends of friends, public). People use social network services with different purposes. Some are used as a personal space (Facebook, Instagram) with a general expectation for intimate audiences, and some are used as a public space (Linkedin, Twitter) with an expectation for a larger audience. It would be interesting to connect the concept of physical space to the scope of audiences in the virtual world. The question is where I can get data of these “spaces” and what I can do with them. I should research and think about this further.
    • personal-space
  • I was looking at database of alphabets, including those in use and those no longer in use, braille, and sign writing. There are some really interesting writing systems such as this one, the Moon.moon2

    As I was exploring through this database I was amazed by the diversity of writing systems. Each represent specific culture, function, place and “space”. I was thinking that it would be interesting to create a more accessible way to these writing systems or a visualization of these writing systems. As an extension from my previous project, I can dig further on the relationship between language and computational interpretation of languages.