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Christopher Wei

15 Feb 2016




I used the SenselMorph to make a drawing program using ofxSenselMorph. The touchpad’s api gives up to 16 points (as of now), each of which contains a x,y coordinate, pressure, major and minor axis and degree …


14 Feb 2016

Here’s my drawing program. It’s a web based drawing program that comes with an unhelpful AI assistant that makes wild assumptions about what you’re drawing and adds lines to help you complete your image.

This piece still needs a lot …

Katherine Habeck

14 Feb 2016


An early version of the program which simply draws a semi-transparent mark at each x,y location the viewer gazes at onscreen. This was simply to get a sense of how the eye moved, what the drawing looked like naturally, and

Zaria Howard

02 Feb 2016

For my drawing project I was inspired by the post above. It does a lot of things right, It captures the angles of the person writing relative to the building and projects it perfectly. In regards to drawing, its is …