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Kevin Karol

07 Apr 2016

For my final project I plan to continue work on the CMU Library play database that I parsed out during project 3.  I plan to apply a number of graph analysis metrics and natural language processing to create visualizations that …

Image Database Project: Torsos

Adam Milner, an MFA student in the School of Art, manually collected 7,000 images of torsos from Grindr over the course of a few years. I’m currently collaborating with him to computationally analyze the dataset, searching for new forms of …

Chelsea Kwong

05 Apr 2016

I want to experiment with forced aligner and create visualizations for songs and poems, potentially stringing together images for each word matched from the song/poem and creating a music video. Also could use the data gathered from forced aligner to …


05 Apr 2016

For my project, I want to create a generated book.

I’ve been meaning to create some kind of generated/programmatically acquired writing for a while. Specifically I’m interested in acquiring a large number of short stories. I’m an occasional writer in …

Aprameya Mysore

05 Apr 2016

My final project will entail creating a 3d topology of pittsburgh, on which a slime mold will grow to simulate the process of gentrification driven by local tech culture. The slime will be fed by a plotter dispersing Soylent. The …

Bo Kim

05 Apr 2016


I used an image database for drawings of god done by children.
The drawings were collected in 6 different countries including Iran, Japan, USA, Romania, Russia, and Switzerland. I was able to collect metadata of the child’s gender, age, …

Dan Sakamoto

05 Apr 2016

I would like to use my final project as an opportunity to continue to work with the outdoor advertising database. Specifically, I’d like to continue looking into ways to extract people and objects from their advertising context, placing them in …

Oliver Daids

05 Apr 2016

For my final project, I want to reapproach my drawing application from a different angle.  Before, the drawing application was focused on the idea of being a general purpose tool for painting on arbitrary 3d geometry in a new way,