Chelsea Kwong

16 Feb 2016

This is a generative art program that incorporates a Leap Motion into the generative process. When a user places her hands above the leap motion and makes a key tap motion with any one of her fingers, a small white sphere on the screen with the corresponding location will appear, and drift towards a random direction with a random destination. When the sphere reaches that destination, it triggers 3 smaller black spheres to recursively repeat the motion. These black spheres form closed geometric shapes. When she makes another tapping motion, another white sphere appears and the same process takes place. The white spheres form geometric shapes filled in with the color gray, while the black spheres only create polygon shapes with a black outline. The overall shape is thus connected via these spheres as vertices, and the entity along with its vertices fades into the background as time progresses, adding a dimension of time into the form. With the control of a leap motion the generative process is thus not totally non-deterministic and random; the leap motion adds a deterministic point of origin for each vertex.

Link to Github