Irene Alvarado :: Looking Outwards 1

1. OF Project

Swiss coder and designer Michael Fluckiger made a simple yet beautiful projection of an elephant walking through the city using a speedometer, a projector, an iPad, a car battery, and Ofx. He used a bike to control the elephant’s movements, where his speed determined the pace of the elephant’s gallop.

I really like how simple the concept is and yet how playful and charming the project turned out. If only there were more information out there about the project! I would have like to see his rig, Fluckiger simply doesn’t have much available online! Another good example of how documentation can really help a project get visibility.


2. OF Addon

James George ported a really neat image segmentation algorithm created by Pedro F. Felzenszwalb at MIT and Daniel P. Huttenlocher at Cornell. The algorithm manages to segment an image into multiple parts surprisingly fast (runs in time nearly linear in the number of graph edges) and surprisingly accurate (it “preserves detail in low-variability image regions while ignoring detail in high-variability regions”, to quote the paper).

This is another variation of a blob detector, but one that is highly accurate and fast. The results look like pop art.

Paper link: