Jessica Shen

13 Jan 2016

  1.  A project developed in OF:

    This project by JH Park uses an 3d Model of a building to create sounds based on the points in the 3d model on one axis.  I think this is interesting because it plays with creating sounds from unconventional sources.  It references how the way different types of data are stored can be read in different ways.  In this case, a set of points represents a building.  If we take those points and interpret them differently, say sound, or color, or speed, we can come with interesting and unexpected results.  While the outcome may not always be beautiful, it shows a different reading of data.  It’d be interesting to see the more practical uses of things like this:  ways of “seeing” images for the blind, or putting this in the inverse, and taking sound to create objects, and many more possibilities.

Going off of sound created from spaces….
2.  An OF addon: ofxSoundPlayerMultiOutput

This addon allows someone to play specific sounds on specific speakers in a multiple output setup.  This creates a really easy way to create soundscapes and play around with them rather than having to constantly tweak sounds and speakers as one traditionally does.  This leads to more potential for bigger soundscape projects and creating environments with sound.  While it is a relatively simple addon — it greatly affects the difficulty of working with multiple outputs.