Jessica Shen

02 Feb 2016

An interactive art piece that  I Iove is Takahiro Matsuo’s White Rain (and his other works).  The piece is a light installation made of LED bar lights.  It creates a landscape of light that is reminiscent of rainfall.  When viewers interact with the light, it changes form, intensity, and sound based on your movement.

Screen Shot 2016-02-02 at 12.32.16 AM

While the piece isn’t extremely technical or questioning, I think that it is a simple, beautiful piece.  It captures nature in a unique way that harnesses  the beauty that we as individuals find within nature.  It takes the motion of what is natural into human encoding.  The subtle interaction draw the user into the details and wonders that we find within nature.  Matsuo’s other work also incorporates this kind of interaction and subtle, calm movement.